There are a few things that need to be remembered when entering grades and saving classes.


Text and Pictures

At the top of your grade books is a little item that looks like this.

One of the things that was discovered (not my fault, not your fault, not a PowerTeacher’s training fault, but an error either way) is Reporting Term needs to be Q1 instead of Y1 when you are entering assignments and grades. These are drop down menus and can be changed at any time.

However, if you saved a class and do not remember if you were in Y1, or Q1, or starting October 29th, Q2, just go back into your grade book. Open your score sheet, change your Reporting Term to Q1, go to the browser bar and into Tools and hit “Recalculate Final Scores” and then save it again. All will be good.


Remember also to check how you are calculating final grades, as I think this changed in a few grade books. This may change in a few grade books when you change from a year to a quarter.


Please keep in mind this is a new program from PowerSchool (and trust is better than what was offered last year), notice when you open it that it is PowerGrade 1.0 and not, like 4.6, where all the kinks are worked out.

You, along with a few other schools, are the test subjects (guinea pigs if you will) and you are enlightening us and and helping us help you better. Please continue to email Elizabeth or Nadine all of your concerns and complaints, it is the only way to make this better.