Art and Music
The Broth - Click on collaborative art tab (ignore the Facebook applications). Use tiles to work collaboratively on a mosaic. A private room can be set up to work with a group to create collaborative art.
Art Pad - Paint a picture and email it to a friend.
Wetpaint Please Touch - Create your own masterpiece (or share with friends)
The New York Phiharmonic Kidzone
Art Safari - Museum of Modern Art
Leonardo's Workshop
KinderArt - Good resource for lesson plan ideas and activities
Take ONE Picture - The National Gallery
Art Cyclopedia - The Art Search Engine
"a comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. We have started out by covering the biggest and best sites around, and have links for most well-known artists to keep you surfing for hours. Update January/2006: We have now indexed over 2,300 art sites, and offer over 95,000 links to an estimated 180,000 artworks by 8,200 renowned artists."
ArtsEdge - Marco Polo Education Art Lesson Plan Resource
Artsonia - Online Museum of Student Art
Art Interactive - Learn About Sculpture
Art Adventures - A Lifetime of Color Games
The Artist's Toolkit - Explore the tools artists use to create, like line, color, and balance
Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Lesson Plans
Drawspace - lesson plans for Art class
Jazz Smithsonian