Web Resources to Study the Presidential Elections

Note to teachers: Not all of these resources are meant for elementary students. Some are mainstream news sources and others are teacher resources providing lesson plans. Specific resources that students can use can be relocated to the grade level pages.

Scholastic News: Election 2008
Channel One.com - Guide to presidential elections
Time for Kids - Election Connection, see how candidates feel about particular issues
eLections - interactive activity from Cable in the Classroom
CNN Election Center
New York Times Election Guide
History.com - The History of U.S. Presidential Elections
C-Span - Campaign 2008 Resources including lesson plans
C-Span's Campaign Network
PBS - The Primaries Lesson Plans
Scholastic Election 2008 Lesson Plans
On The Media - Elections
Glassbooth.org - quiz to help you select the right candidate
Candidate Match Game - similar quiz from USA Today