We need to get conduct and effort on the report cards.

Here is how we will do it:

You need to go into your gradebook and create a CATEGORY for Effort


Please do the same and create a CATEGORY for Conduct

Please note:
The Points should be 0
You need to uncheck Include in Final Grade.

Now, once the category is done, you need to add assignments.

Again, once for Effort and once for Conduct.


Again, points should be zero “0”. Due dates should be as below. MAKE SURE YOU UNCHECK “Include in Final Grade:”
Please note: You may set up all four quarters at this time, as long as you save them in the correct quarter with the correct due dates.
The due dates should be
  • Q1: 10-25-2007
  • Q2: 1-17-2008
  • Q3: 3-19-2008
  • Q4: 8th Grade 5-27-2008
  • Q4: 6th & 7th Grade 5-29-2008

You must be in the correct quarter.
Go to the class, change the reporting term to Q1, go to Tools on the browser bar, and Recalculate Final Scores.

Now you may go in and put in your Conduct and Effort.

This will appear greyed out, as this is not included in the final grade. This is just a field we will be pulling the information from to post to the proper spot in the report card.

Below is your scale:

1 - Very Good
2 - Satisfactory
3 - Needs Improvement
4 – Unsatisfactory

You may put pluses “‘+” or minuses’ “-” after the number.

And you may copy this category and assignment into each of your classes once you have completed the first one to save time and effort.