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Google Earth

It's loaded on all lab computers!
Check out this amazing resource to learn how to use Google Earth, although the best way to learn is to just play with it. The program is very intuitive.

Google Sketchup

It's loaded on all lab computers!
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Sketchup is a great tool for easily teaching kids to construct 3D models of buildings. You can use it as a stand-alone tool, or in conjunction with Google Earth.
Video Tutorials can be found here.
Google Sketchup for educators, including lesson plans and things you can do with the program.

Wordle Create Word Clouds


We used this to create this little video of the Hille Staff

Created with ANIMOTO- Premium service free for educators, contact
Click here for an example of a class video for the end of the year.


Here is an example of one that is created with screenshots of websites. Students can use images, video, and sound to create an online "poster". See examples of students work on the Glogster for Education site.


Made with Blabberize- upload a picture, cut around the mouth, record your voice



Made with VoiceThread - For more examples, click here and here. An Art example is here. An Math example is here. A Science example is here.

Sumo Paint

Kerpoof - Teachers' page from Kerpoof

Logo Creatr


Dipity - Timeline Creator


View this book full size or get a printed copy at Mixbook

Created with Mixbook - create a flipbook, send link to parents or embed into a wiki page
Check out this teacher's blog for step by step instructions

MyStudiyo - Create an interactive quiz and embed into a wikipage, even provides results

Chemical Reaction Gives Off Light from Dale Basler on Vimeo.
Uploaded to Vimeo - a place to store and share your videos

If you like these, see Alan Levine's list of 50 free story telling tools

and if you really have a lot of time on your hands....Check out this site for free tools for Mac to use in the classroom!