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Google Docs

What is is?
Google docs is an online application that allows you to word process, organize data on a spreadsheet, or prepare presentations. There is no software necessary. Sign in to Google Docs, upload a document to edit on any internet connected computer. You can also create new documents. The online applications of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation are not as fully featured as the Microsoft Office applications, they they have plenty of features to get the job done.

The first time you arrive at the Google Docs website, you'll need to sign up for an account. That's no big deal. Just complete the short form, including your email address. After you have signed up or signed in, you can upload documents (just for storage or to work on), create new documents, edit work, and ask for help for your friends and colleagues. One of the best features about Google Docs is the availability to invite other to view and/or edit your document. When you "invite" others, they'll get an email with a link to your document (they'll have to sign up first - but that's no big deal). This allows them to look at and edit your documents. All versions of the document are stored so if your friend makes a change you don't like, just go back to the previous version.
What can I use it for?
  • Store documents instead of emailing yourself your work or using a flash drive
  • Collaborate with team members on lesson or unit planning, presentation development
  • Collaborate with committee members. This application saves emailing documents back and forth among several people for revisions.
  • Collect data from several people
What can my students use it for?
The students can use it for all the same reasons as you. However, in order to sign up for a Google Docs account, they must have an email address. Parental permission is imperative. If you want to students to work on a document that you have created, you can sign up for a temporary account and give them the password to sign in. Just remember to manage the account by promptly changing the password.

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