Okay, so you are in your gradebook and you see Josalyn Spagnola has a 90 and you think, oh no, not this student, she deserves a better grade than that, maybe a 98, so you hold the control key down (bottom left on your keyboard) and click on her letter grade and up pops this window that says “Show Score Inspector” and you click on that and suddenly another widow pops up that looks like this


You want to now click the box that says “Manual Override” and the grayed out “Percent” and “Grade” now become active, and you can change them. So you type in, did I say 98? I meant 100, just, well, because you really like her (and her mom).

So, now suddenly, it is September 26th. Where did the time go? And you need to add comments for Mid-terms.

So, using the above picture, you click on Comment Bank and up pops another window that looks like this

So you double click on “Accepts Responsibilty” and that magically goes into the little box at the bottom and you click on “Insert Selected Comments” and now you are done.

But no, wait, that is not enough. This student is so unique, you want to add your own comment, so instead of double clicking on “Completes Assignments on Time” you click directly into that little box and type “Josalyn is an absolute pleasure to have in class, as parents, you must be so proud, I wish all my students were like her” (okay maybe a little less wordy) and click “Insert Selected Comments” and now you are truly done.

Now as you are reviewing your gradebook, you notice that you marked one of her assignments “late” or “exempt” and you need to change that, because she was not late after all. If you follow the above rules and hold down the control key and then click on that individual assignment score, a box pops up that looks like this

And you can change any information you wish. Now and only now, if you are truly satisfied with this students grades you can move on.

Now, here we are and it is October 23rd, can you just feel the crisp, clean air?

You now need to prepare for report cards and Josalyn has done so well, that she is receiving 105%. Well, as much as you would love her to have this grade, she cannot. You must go in, follow the above procedures and change her grade to a 100%, because remember, no grade above 100% or below 50% on Report Cards.

And as of right now, we are not changing our report cards to include comments, so you will not need to add them in October, but maybe next year.